Posted by: shipbright | April 4, 2010

Sunday Serenity…visual master of political satire: FLYINUREYE

[click on image to visit Fly’s blog site]

One of the things I really enjoyed about living in Alaska for a short bit was that there is this hodge-podge of incredibly talented people living in these small Alaskan communities in the middle of nowhere.

I met a lot artists, filmmakers, musicians, writers, fishermen, bush pilots, oil, gas and mineral workers and prospectors and scores of people from all over who came to visit and forgot to leave…and each has their own remarkable and sometimes intriguingly dodgy story.

One of the Alaskan Jewels that I had a chance to befriend is a graphic artist that goes by the name of FLYINUREYE, or just “Fly”.  He is a master of political satire graphic images.  Fly has now set up his own blog where you can feast upon and enjoy or get enraged by his graphic image statements.  I think they are brilliant.

For your Sunday Serenity here is an image Fly worked up for me for the Tibetan Plateau series along with the more sinister Chinese Dragon damming up the headwaters.  It’s a tip of the hat to the deglaciation of the Tibetan Plateau and skewer to climate change deniers as personified by that Fox News [or as Fly calls it Faux News] person.  I like the Tibetans adapting to climate change by donning their new Aloha shirts and “going with the flow”.

…and just maybe the Shaka will become the new sign of greeting in Tibet…

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