Posted by: shipbright | March 25, 2010

National Geographic magazine special issue…a very special issue…

Fresh[water] Ideas for a Thirsty Planet has been advocating on this issue for decades now and the blog you are reading is merely the tip of the iceberg…meant to offer up doable doses of global freshwater information to help people all around the world understand and take action on these issues.

But no blog has the resources and reach like National Geographic magazine.  With over 8 million readers, stunningly beautiful photography and video, and writers who are all experts in their own right with editors who make sure the information is easily digested…

While Fresh[water] Ideas for a Thirst Planet doesn’t have 8 million readers [..yet…] we are a global community of readers in over 130 countries worldwide [IP Geolocater map March 25, 2010]:

So pick up a copy of the April 2010 National Geographic magazine and enjoy what only National Geographic can do so well… while you’re at it let the good folks know of Fresh[water] Ideas for a Thirsty Planet []  at:

It is a special issue and you, loyal readers, are already ahead of this issue!  Those are your hands…


  1. Found this blog through Mudflats, this is a very important cause, will pick up my copy next moth

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