Posted by: shipbright | January 24, 2010

Sunday Serenity…a little humor to start your week off right! The Quantum of Condensation–the New Bond movie? :-)

While I lived in Alaska last winter I had the good fortune to meet and befriend some wonderful people who were politically active in Alaska–and last year was a BIG ONE for Alaska with the “Thrilla from Wasilla”.  Among my new friends was the 2008 Political Blogger of the Year, known as “Mudflats” [], and the ever so witty, funny and on-the-go Shannyn Moore who has her own blog [], radio show and now TV show as well as frequent commentator on Keith Olbermann’s MSNBC “Countdown” [phew]. 

Some of their friends have become my friends and there is one particular person who Mudflat’s introduced me to.  FLYINUREYE is probably one of the most creative graphic artists I have ever known.   His  imagery that I have seen is usually political and can be funny, irreverent, or satirical or all of the above.  I am in awe of his creativity and ability to visually sum up the issues of the day.  His work often graces the Blog of Mudflats and to see his work  always makes my day.

Fly knows I’ve been actively involved in invasive species and freshwater issues.  He also knows I’m a James Bond fan and the latest James Bond movie, The Quantum of Solace was about Bond fighting “the Bad Guys” who were trying to take over a country’s freshwater resources [“more precious than oil’]…

So to start off your week I present Alaska’s own FLYINUREYE  who ginned this up for me as a break from some more serious visual imagery work he is doing right now.

The hoped-for sequel to the last Bond movie: 

The Quantum of Condensation

[cue the Bond music]

You’re the man Fly.  Thank you!  Stay tuned for some more imagery from Flyinureye as Fresh[water] Ideas for a Thirsty Planet looks at some emerging international water conflicts…



  1. Have you seen season 2 of the Canadian series “Intelligence”?
    Rumour has it that this award winning series was canciled because it was dealing with the very subject of nefarious water right aquisitions and stepped on some important toes during the Bush administration. And it is a pity as this was a great series. I’m a new reader that wandered over from Mudflats. Glad someone is concerned about our water.

    • interesting…thanks for the tip!

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