Posted by: shipbright | December 18, 2009

“The Time For Talk is Over”…HOPE-enhagen shows promise…


In the past the United States has sadly and lamentably abdicated its global leadership role when it has come to the issue of climate change.   It wasn’t pretty.  We refused to participate in some meetings and we sometimes sat on the sidelines and snipped at the proceedings.  Hopefully we learned something from those times because the rest of the world made progress in those meetings when we weren’t there or playing the role of obstructionist. 

But a different wind now blows.  It’s the feeling of leadership by the United States once more.  In the words of President Obama:

“The time for talk is over”

Quoting from the New York Times article:  In speaking to the plenary session, Mr. Obama stressed the urgency of reaching a climate accord, no matter how “imperfect” it might have to be.  “We are running short on time,” he warned. “And at this point, the question is whether we will move forward together, or split apart. Whether we prefer posturing to action. “We can again choose delay, falling back into the same divisions that have stood in the way of action for years,” He said. But he added that this course would leave leaders “back having the same stale arguments month after month, year after year, perhaps decade after decade—all while the danger of climate change grows until it is irreversible.”

The United States, Mr. Obama said, is “ready to get this done today.”

Whoa…anyone who has followed this for the last decade or so knows this is a game changer…and WOW…leadership.

Here is a link to an article in the News York Times today: 

[picture NY Times]

also this MSNBC link to a video story from the Today Show:

Now its China’s turn to play the role of the obstructionist as they fear transparency in verifying their promises.  It’s all about protectionism…protecting inefficient industrial systems while the future money is in the green economy where nations conserve their resources because it is economically efficient . The environment and the economy are inextricably intertwined.  When we are energy efficient, waste is minimized, costs go down.  Yes, it takes retooling but  it is the future and history is replete with examples [e.g. spanish leather makers, Marshal Plan retooling of Japan and Germany].

Much remains to be played out both in Copenhagen and here in the United States but not since Theodore Roosevelt have we had a President who is willing to play a bold leadership role when it comes to the environment AND the economy.


HOPE-enhagen is playing out as a game changer….stay tuned to Fresh[water] ideas for a thirsty planet as we’ll be traveling to one of the remotest areas of the world to see the downstream ripple effects of deglaciation on almost half of the world’s population.  Skeptical of climate change still?  We’ll let the photographic evidence speak for itself…it all kicks off with Sunday Serenity “mood setting”  followed by the first part of a series featuring a Goddess at the roof of the world.


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