Posted by: shipbright | December 10, 2009

The Mavericky Naughty Monkey and a tiptoe in and with “Mudflats”…

Well sometimes when the going gets weird the weird get going…Just when I thought I had left her in Alaska for good she’s showing up, or not, at Copenhagen’s door to offer her, pow-pow-you-betcha-wink-wink thoughts on climate change. 

The former Governor of Alaska who quit the job in her third year of her FIRST term claiming “Lame Duck” status as the rationale for quitting the public trust job has offered up her thoughts on climate change in an op-ed piece:

The timing is exquisite…at least for Fresh[water] ideas for a thirsty planet as you will no doubt appreciate.  As you already know I have been posting a six part series on climate change, its effect on global freshwater issues and the effect on islands as the “Miner’s canary” for the rest of us.  A few days ago my friend “Mudflats” from Alaska invited me to guest blog on her site…

Mudflats was the 2008 Blogger’s Choice Political Blogger of the Year, has a global following and literally has had millions of hits on her site.  When I arrived in Alaska last year my friend, and long time Alaskan, Marilyn L. told me to start reading “Mudflats” as the blog had the most insightful take on Alaskan politics…and THEN Mudflats and my other dear friend and blogger Shannyn Moore [] were given the ultimate political junkies gift:  Sarah Palin, Republican Vice-Presidential Candidate. …Troopergate, Salmongate, unwed pregnant teenage daughter [abstinence-it’s for everybody else], heli-wolf hunting, screw the Polar Bear, I can see Russia from here, battles with her own state party leaders, stories that go on and on… A gift that keeps giving…of a kind…It was not boring in Alaska when Sarah was Governor…so I was asked for a climate change/freshwater/political response to some noises the former Governor was making-little did we know it was a lead up to an op-ed piece that came out in the Washington Post yesterday.

So check out The Mudflats, Tiptoeing Through the Muck of Alaskan Politics at 

for my guest blog and taking on of Sarah Palin’s attribution denialism before the gift of her op-ed piece came out.

In response to SP’s op-ed piece I offer up a gentleman who I had the pleasure of meeting and talking with one-on-one about these issues a decade or so ago.  Some of you may not like Al Gore–I hear that from my Republican friends–but let me just say that after meeting with him he is incredibly intelligent, funny [I know! who knew?], thoughtful, caring, and sincere.  I like him as a person and I admire his honesty and integrity.  If you ever see him talk WITHOUT his notes he is MUCH better and not as “stiff”.   I have a great story about him but I’ll save that for another time…anyway, here is a response from an individual who knows this issue better and from more perspectives than just about anyone I know or have heard from:

……and a special shout-out and thanks to “flyinureye” who is the creator of the Palin satire images above and who does Mudflats’ graphics!…..

LATE BREAKING NEWS:  Alan I. Leshner, the chief executive officer of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and executive publisher of the journal Science has offered up his own Op-Ed in the Washington Post in response to SP’s foray into global climate change issues in “don’t let the climate doubter’s fool you”:




  1. Thanks for the great guest post on The Mudflats! You were a big hit (as I knew you would be)! Keep up the outstanding blogging! :0)

  2. Hi, saw your piece on Mudflats. Thankyou! Have a friend that is attending Copenhagen (works for Oceana). Exciting!

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