Posted by: shipbright | December 7, 2009

Milestones, Thank you’s and a song for COP15 that begins today

It is Monday, December 7th and the UN Conference of the Parties on climate change known as COP15 begins today in Copenhagen, Denmark.  I wish I was there…

But before I offer up a song from my new friend David Todd of Australia I want to acknowledge a milestone and offer a “Thank You” to my new readers.  Last week Fresh[water] ideas for a thirsty planet hit a milestone of over 10,000 readers in over 113 countries–all of this in four months.  It ought to make all of us appreciate that there are many many kindred caring souls who want to be informed and want to make a difference in this world….so…THANK YOU:

Azerbaijan, Myanmar [Burma], Costa Rica, Cote d’Ivoire [Ivory Coast], French Guiana, Ghana, Honduras, Jordan, Mali, Mauritania, Mongolia, Nicaragua, Syria, Tajikistan, Tanzania [Jambo!], Uganda, Uzbekistan, Yemen

Here’s a song for the Conference of the Parties [COP] 15.  This song by amateur guitar player and songwriter David Todd is the essence of heartfelt artistic expression.  He makes no money from this–it’s all from the heart and that moves me.  The pictures that he has sent me from Western Queensland, Australia where a long-term drought is taking a terrible toll are eye-opening…So turn up the volume, kick back with David Todd and offer up your own hope and prayer that we as a global community can come together and address climate change. 

…and Allianz, Thank you for being a private sector leader on this issue… 



  1. Thank you for posting on Mudflats – Very articulate & passionate !

    We, as the human race, need to solve this issue. This is a world crisis, not America, China, Russia or Mexico, altho those countries that are heavily industrialized contribute more to the problem.

    Today, altho a bit late in the winter season, I put up my window quilts on the Northern faced windows.

    Open Question(s) to anyone… MsQuitter makes a big deal out of appointing a sub-sub committee on Global Warming in AK? Did they ever meet? Did they post or publish any results of their meetings, if they did in fact meet? Just curious, seems she appointed a lot of ppl that didn’t seem to do anything.

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