Posted by: shipbright | October 2, 2009

Thank you world!

A week ago I placed the world map on my blog that shows where in the world people are that check out my blog. In the past week people from over 28 countries around the world have taken the time to check it out and readership is climbing fast and furious. Freshwater is a timely issue and a global issue we all need to work on together.


So THANK YOU Australia, Japan, China, Thailand, India, UAE, Kuwait, South Africa, Kenya, Cameroons, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Ukraine, Turkey, Romania, Malta, Czech Republic, Croatia, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, England, Ireland, Columbia, Brazil, Argentina, the US [including Hawaii and Alaska!], Canada, Mexico, Dominican Republic and lastly, close to my heart, The Bahamas…apparently I’m not big in the “Stans” , Siberia, or Mongolia–whatup! Okay, it’s only been a week… so THANKS for taking an interest everyone.  Let’s generate some fresh[water] ideas for a thirsty planet!




  1. Check out this coming Sunday Serenity…a special shout out to you for the NASA link! Thank you.

  2. Your readers thankyou for your posts.

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